Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Peru 2008

Our first big travel was to Peru. Well actually my husband was originally from there. This was the first time I met all my husband's families. At the time we weren't married yet. It was very excited and adventured. We visited Lima, Huaraz, Cuzco, Puno, Arequipa, Trujillo and other cool places.

5 Places I love in Peru.
1. Park of the Reserve
Lima is the capital of Peru and there aren't  really many things to see at the capital. Although, they do have a nice fountain place called "El Circuito Mágico del Agua" or Park of the Reserve. If you're planning to visit this park, you need to go during night time because you'll be able to see the beautiful lights and they also have a show on a large projector but it's not really that great. There is an entrance fee but isn't much at all. This is a must place to go when you are in Lima.

2. Plaza de Armas - This is the central in Peru where the government palace, cathedral of Lima, restaurants and shops along the sides. There are tour buses you can take to go up the mountain to see the city of Lima. It's really cool. I took the tour bus during the night time. Also don't forget to visit

3. Chorillos - This the coast side of the city. It has a nice view of a cliff. There are bars and restaurants. There is a park where young people go there at night and you know what I mean. You can also go fishing in one of the fishing port. Before you go fishing, try eating at the beach. The Ceviche & Arroz con Marisco are awesome!!!

4. Mercado Central - I love this place. I go there almost every single day during my stay in Peru. You can find any goods in here. They're also very inexpensive. Since I go to Peru almost every year therefore I get to do all my shopping here. I can get all my herbs and kitchen aid from Mercado central for really great prices compare in the US.

5. Gamarra - If you're looking to go shopping for clothes, this is actually the right place for it. They have a factory clothes here so you can find jeans, t-shirts and etc for really good price. It's bit dangerous here, so I wouldn't recommend you to go here without a local.